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Updated: Sep 4, 2023

"MANTRA" means a set of words.

It's as if we were evoking a God by everything that constitutes him, to keep him in our head!

We can evoke in different ways, for example fire, as the very first creation: it is short, it is "AGNI". It can also be referred to as a home.

Time is not materialized in traditional India: it is by speech only!

The musician always repeats 3x at the beginning, to give the basic time.

The necessary duration of a verbal expression gives the time.

The MANTRA is hermetically composed, linked to a deity.

It allows you to evoke divinity, if you believe in that divinity, and do so carefully.

To evoke your wife, your husband, your child, you must know her name.

The MANTRA makes it possible to overcome the limitation of human emotion.

The MANTRA is not used in everyday language.

MANTRA has devotional value. We do not address God with everyday words.

We use "compassion" rather than "love", which is more human.

There is no value in the vibrations of a MANTRA! It is a false explanation. How would a purely biological vibration bring you to the God who is only non-biological?

The MANTRA used in PRÂNÂYÂMÂ is necessarily silent, purely and directly mental. No movement of lips or tongue.

At marriage, MANTRAs should not be heard beyond 3 (right) ears.

Some MANTRAs are still standing; some MANTRAs are never seated.

OM is the oldest MANTRA.

It is recited aloud when followed by another MANTRA.

Used as such, it is only in a low voice.

But no MANTRA out loud can be done without starting with OM. OM makes it non-sterile.

Any appellation of God must also first have the OM.

Used as such, unique, it shouldn't be said out loud! Even if you hear nonsense about it here and there...

OM is the fundamental representation of the Creator/AGNI.

OM to evoke the Gods + a feminine part, SWAHA or SUDHA to whom we dedicate


OM clothes the divinity.

The Creator being invisible, his MANTRA is obligatorily mute.

Back then, not everyone could hear it.

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