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Offer God a gift: offer your spontaneity!

Sribhashyam said:

"Everyone has to find their best gift to go to God.

Becoming spontaneous is a spiritual effort
Offer God a gift: offer your spontaneity!

You need time to go for spontaneity.

Read with spontaneity.

Anything you do by saying "tomorrow I'm going to do this, that..." is intellectual.

What you do spontaneously is done from the heart. I'm going on a pilgrimage. So, there are things programmed into my pilgrimage. But what I do spontaneously is pray to God.

I don't know what's going to happen. Just do it.

It doesn't matter how you are.

What matters is what's in your heart.

How are you going to find a password for your spontaneity?

Spontaneity is hard. You wait for spontaneity, you wait for me to order you!

A few years ago, a great musician was staying with me. He prayed, sang and then wanted to cook sweets for the children. Now that's spontaneity. It's not cooking, it's a divine gesture!

I went to see my aunt once, and she gave me a sweet in the morning, even though I don't eat sweets in the morning. It was the first sweet I'd ever received in the morning.

That's something you have to relearn here!

Spontaneity means letting go, letting come.

My father's spontaneity could make him scold me right after prayer.

Extract from my notes of November 1, 2003, at the seminar given by Sribhashyam in honor of his father Krishnamacharya, Brigitte Hool, Nov. 21, 2023

Offer God a gift: offer your spontaneity!

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