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Sribhashayam Alumni Association and its Supporting Members in Switzerland

Out of gratitude for the teaching received from Sri Achârya TK Sribhashyam, which he himself received from his father and Master Sri T. Krishnamacharya, also for the sake of remaining faithful to this treasure of knowledge of yoga and Indian philosophy and continue to transmit it, the Yogakshemam-Switzerland Association was born on January 30, 2009.

The primary goals of this Association are:

- The organization of seminars given by the students of Sri Achârya TK Sribhashyam

and members of Yogakshemam-Switzerland;

- Exchange groups of students of Sri Achârya TK Sribhashyam;

- The printing, publication, distribution of books or articles on yoga, philosophy

and Indian culture;

Can become members of the Yogakshemam-Switzerland Association, according to article 5 of the statutes, students and former students of Sri Achârya TK Sribhashyam as well as their students in Switzerland.

By clicking here, you will find a way to join the Yogakshemam-Switzerland Association. The annual subscription is Fr. 40.- (60.- for a couple).

We look forward to counting you among our members soon.

Association Yogakshemam-Switzerland

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