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Fidelity according to Sribhashyam

Fidelity according to Sribhashyam: stay true to your evocation, stay true to your conviction
Fidelity according to Sribhashyam

"Once you've chosen an image, a conviction, an evocation: stay true to it for the rest of your life! It's not intellectual.

How can you make sure it stays with you forever?

Separate dogma, theological discussions from your devotion."

"Fidelity according to Sribhashyam". Notes taken from the lectures given by Sribhashyam on 1 November 2003, during the seminar given by Sribhashyam in honour of his father Krishnamacharya, Brigitte Hool, 10 Nov. 2022 (updated 21 Nov. 2023)

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