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79.12 Evocation of the MAHA NARAYANA UPANISHAD

We venerate You, You the Supreme who are such, so that the light may manifest!


17. O Supreme, You are the giver of this wealth which is supreme knowledge.

For us, you are the totality!

You unite individual souls in PRANA!

You are spread throughout the entire universe!

You are the one who gives light to the fire!

It is You who give light and warmth to the Sun!

It is you who bestows its subtle luminous nuances on the moon!

You are placed in the UPAYÂMA cup with the SOMA juice of oblation!

We venerate You, you the Supreme who are such, so that the light may manifest!



When we offer water to God, we use a specific utensil. Because it is a ritual to offer it.

  • We can't do it anyhow

  • We offer water in a cup that is never used for anything else

  • This SOMA bowl is used only when evoking the God or the Creator

  • This SOMA bowl is only used when offering something to God or the Creator

It is then called UPAYÂMA

  1. The water that is put in this cup takes the form of this cup.

  2. Content automatically becomes the Creator.

  3. But since it is used only for the Creator, then it becomes the bowl of the Creator.

A begging bowl is apparently the same in form, but not the same in utility and function.

There is a handle, because you don't touch the bowl. Depending on the handle and its shape, we know for what function the bowl is intended!

vasuraṇvo vibhūrasi prāṇe tvamasi sandhātā brahman tvamasi

viśvasṛttejodāstvamasyagnerasi varcodāstvamasi sūryasya

dyumnodāstvamasi candramasa upayāmagṛhīto'si brahmaṇe tvā mahase || 17||:

Extrait de mes notes du 12 avril 2014 (Brigitte Hool)

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