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Let's talk about Ayurveda!

We offer you a presentation of 1h30, friendly and sympathetic. We will talk particularly about the happiness that meals bring, thanks to the understanding that Ayurveda gives. We will see a bit of philosophy, with some marvels contained in texts that are addressed to everyone.

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Let's talk about Ayurveda!
Let's talk about Ayurveda!

Time & Location

Time to be defined

Location to be defined

About the event

Come spontaneously to this simple presentation of Ayurveda.

We will talk about it with practical details, ideas that are easy to understand, proposals that are pleasant to adapt.

Whether you cook, or love to eat, Ayurveda generously gives examples that span the ages!

We will not seek to eat "Indian", but rather to understand principles that can be applied in practical life.

And thanks to the texts that are the basis of Ayurveda, we can talk about philosophy without even realizing it. Because philosophy is part of life and it should be peaceful, pleasant.

This is how we will introduce you to some of the extraordinary text SAMKHYA. A universal knowledge that therefore interests everyone: everyone can understand SAMKHYA and Ayurveda. It is we who will make the effort to talk to you about it with an accessible side. For you, it will be a moment of happiness and sharing.

The presentation is truly for everyone.

No need to know yoga, no need to practice it.

You can sit on chairs.

No need to take any equipment.

Eventually, take something to write... because it may well be that you are passionate about the subject and that you want to take notes to remember this beautiful moment!

Denis Battais and Brigitte Hool will welcome you in this pleasant interlude.

These two musicians are also yoga teachers and interested in transmitting the values common to these two arts: peace.

It is with joy that they will make you discover a point on the horizon that opens onto infinity.

The price is 20.- for 1h30 of presentation.

You can pay it on the spot, in cash, quite simply.

If you are interested in this conference, please contact us by email. We will give you more details about the next session.

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